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Seminar 2025

Stitching Under the Arch

MST: Mountain Stitching Time

Embroiderers’ Association of Canada
Association canadienne de broderie

Not sure if we want to make the welcome home page a go-to for information

We would also need to add any Announcements and important info (we have moved the luncheon to a 'non-traditional' day to save money and I think EAC/ACB will want this highlighted on the first page people see.

We might want to add to the welcome page some information about Calgary and getting around ... maps from the Airport to SAIT? Links to download the Transit App?

Welcome to EAC/ACB SEMINAR 2025

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
MAY 13 to 18, 2025
Hosted by the Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts

Greetings from the vibrant city of Calgary, Alberta!


Get ready to embark on an unforgettable stitching adventure, the Seminar Committee extends a warm invitation for you to join us: “Stitching Under the Arch”! Our theme is meant to evoke the Chinook Arch of clouds that create a back drop of the spectacular mountains, trees and city views of Calgary and southern Alberta. But ... it is also in reference to all the cultures and stitching styles that are contained under the ARCH of embroidery! Seminar 2025 will be held at the iconic Heritage Hall, which just celebrated 100 years since it first opened its big oak doors to students back in the fall of 1922.


Accommodations are available at the residences on campus at a reasonable rate and includes breakfast or you can choose from many nearby hotels that are within a few stops on the Calgary Transit C-Train. This year we are offering both in-person and online classes, and have focused on all the diversity and stitching styles, cultures, and instructors to add excitement and freshness to your creative journey.

Jennifer Care & Sabrina Rioux - EAC/ACB Seminar 2025 Co-Chairs

Salutations de la ville vibrante de Calgary, Alberta!


Préparez-vous à embarquer dans une aventure de broderie inoubliable. Notre comité de séminaire vous invite chaleureusement à nous joindre: “Stitching Under the Arch!” (Piquer sous l’arche!). Notre thème est inspiré de l’arche de nuages Chinook qui forme une toile de fond magnifique pour les montagnes spectaculaires, les arbres et les panoramas de la ville de Calgary et du sud de l’Alberta! Mais ... il fait également allusion à toutes les cultures et tous les styles de broderie réunis sous l’Arche de la broderie! Le séminaire 2025 se déroulera dans le légendaire Heritage Hall, qui a récemment célébré ses 100 ans depuis l’ouverture de ses grandes portes de chêne aux étudiants, à l’automne 1922!


L’hébergement est disponible dans les résidences du campus à un prix raisonnable, petit déjeuner compris, ou vous pouvez choisir parmi de nombreux hôtels situés à proximité, à quelques stations du C-Train de Calgary Transit. Cette année, nous offrons des cours en personne et en ligne, et nous nous sommes efforcés de vous offrir un large éventail de styles de broderie, de cultures et d’instructeurs pour apporter de l’excitation et de la nouveauté à vos créations.


Jennifer Care et Sabrina Rioux - coprésidentes du séminaire 2025 de l’EAC/ACB

We should add some photos of SAIT and Calgary here!

I think we will also want to add that wonderful photos that Debbie took that is in the brochure.

Also me may need to add some instructions of how to navigate --- if the French buttons will take people directly to the French translation or not

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