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Education Grant

As a member you are able to apply for our twice a year Education Grant.

Fall Grant - $500 (Deadline October 15th)

Spring Grant - $500 (Deadline March 15th)

The Grant is up to $500 for each of the grants, but you do not need to request the entire amount.


If you only need some of the grant, you allow others to share in the benefit of the grant. 

Details for Applying:

1.  You MUST be an active member of the Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts for at least 24 consecutive months (2 years) before applying for a grant.


2.  An ACTIVE member is recognized as a member who has volunteered with the guild in the previous year. Examples can be hosting a Zoom or In-Person Sit n' Stitch, been 

an executive guild member or volunteered your help with a Guild run event like Fibre Potpourri or Seminar.


3.  An education grant can only be awarded to you once every THREE years after you have been awarded a grant. However, you can apply for a grant every time if you have 

NOT been awarded one.


4.  An education grant is to be used for registration of the event and not towards the cost of accommodations, food or kit fees. 

After being awarded an Education Grant:

1.  Recipients will pay back (or pay it forward) to the guild by presenting a Program or Workshop.


2. They will also write an article for the guild's website to be shared with the members.

These will be approved by the Past President and be completed by the end of the following Guild year.

Past Grant Awardees

When a large event is held, the proceeds from them are set aside to assist Guild Members to expand their education. 

We host Fibre Potpourri (now held in Red Deer) every 2 years and we have hosted the national conference EAC-ACB Seminar twice (2001 & 2015) and will again in 2025!

Guild Year 2024-25



Guild Year 2023-24

Fall: (none applied)

Spring: Lisa K.

Guild Year 2022-23

Fall: Pat K.

Spring: Rachel J. & Sabrina R.

Guild Year 2021-22

Fall: Ann A.

Spring: (none applied)

Guild Year 2020-21

Fall: Rhonda S.

Spring: (none applied)

Guild Year 2019-20:  Awarded 4 Grants as none were given in 2018-19

Fall: Debbie F. & Jennifer C.

Spring: Rachel J. & Dina K.

Guild Year 2018-19: Renamed the Award "Education Grant" as it can be used for any education opportunity 

Fall: None applied

Spring: None applied

Guild Year 2017-18: The last awards under the old name "Seminar Grant"

Seminar Grant: Kerry L.

Seminar Grant: Lisa K.

Guild Year 2016-17:

Seminar Grant: Amanda B.

Seminar Grant: Rachel J.

Guild Year 2015-16: Hosted EAC Seminar 2015 with funds added to the Education Grant

Seminar Grant: Irene L.

Guild Year 2014-15:

Seminar Grant: None awarded

Guild Year 2013-14: We had a different grant structure at this time

Seminar Grants (from 2001 Seminar Fund): Nancy S., Jennie W., Rhonda S., Irene L.

Olds Grant (from Fibre Potpourri Fund): Amanda B.

Education Grant: Barb S.

Guild Year 2012-13:

Education Grant: Grace M.

Seminar Grant: Tanja B.

Guild Year 2011-12:

Education Grant: Kerry L.

Guild Year 2010-11:

Olds Grant (Fibre Potpourri Fund): Barb S.

Olds Grant (Fibre Potpourri Fund): Kay J.

Guild Year 2009-10:

Olds Grant (Fibre Potpourri Fund): Jennie W.

Olds Grant (Fibre Potpourri Fund): Irene L.

Guild Year 2008-09:

Seminar Grant: Barb S. 

Seminar Grant: Mary L.

Guild Year 2007-08:

Seminar Grant: Lore H.

Seminar Grant: Tina L.

Guild Year 2006-07:

Seminar Grant: Jennie W. & Anne J.

Education Grant: Lore H.

Guild Year 2005-06:

Seminar Grant: Janice S. &Judy G.

Education Grant: Mary L.

Guild Year 2004-05:

Seminar Grant: Grace M.

Seminar Grant: Marilyn B.

Guild Year 2003-04:

Seminar Grant: Hilda R. & Lisa K.

Education Grant: Nancy F. & Beryl M.

Guild Year 2002-03:

Seminar Grant: Nancy F. & Beryl M.

Education Grant: Jennie W., Mary L., Marilyn B. & Lorraine L.

Guild Year 2001-02: Hosted EAC Seminar 2001 with funds set aside for Education

Education Grant: Judy G., Kristin J., Marnie S. & Pat S.

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