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Past Workshops

Below is a selection of workshops we have held in the past.

During Covid19 (2020-2022) we held many workshops online, both member-led and professional teachers.

Our main "Exclusive for Members" page will have our current workshops


Intro to Elizabethan Goldwork - Beginner Level
Teacher: Rhonda Stagg

This is a "pay-back" class as part of our Education Grant program.  Rhonda will be teaching a 2 part class on beginner goldwork braid.  The project is based on a bookcover stitched by Queen Elizabeth I as a gift to her Step-mother Katherine Parr in the 1500s.

If you are not a member, please contact us about registration fees.

In this 2 day class students will work the stumpwork project Porthole.


Stumpwork is a fascinating form of needlework that enables you to create great depth and realism by the added 3D aspects of this form of embroidery.

Several different stumpwork techniques will be taught during the class giving
students the ability to complete the project. Techniques covered in class are
working on a slip and applying to main design, working a detached element with wire
and adding to design, padding to add dimension, plunging and securing wires and
various other fibers. Even making your own fishnet.

Porthole Stumpwork - Intermediate Level
Teacher: Wendy Innes


Porthole - Wendy Innis.jpeg

Intro to Tatting - Beginner Level
Teacher: Bernice Bolin 
Kit Fee: $5.00

Saturday - October 15th - 10am-12noon
Crowfoot Co-op Program Room

Sign up sheet will be available during the September meeting and you can email Rhonda, our workshop coordinator to sign up after that.

There will be a kit available to purchase from Bernice which contains tatting supplies.  If you have supplies please bring them along

If you are not a member, please contact us about registration fees.


Natalie Dupuis - Glitter & Gogh: Etude of the Starry Night (Goldwork) - May 1 & 8 via Zoom

Glitter & Gogh.jpg
Glitter and Gogh3.jpg
Glitter and Gogh2.jpg

Jenn Care - Thread Dyeing

We learned how to dye fibres using natural dye-stuffs. The kit included turmeric, but people also used berries and teas. 

Rachel Janzen - Chinese Paper Thread Box 

This was a fun workshop - we learned how to fold paper into boxes and build into a 3 layer roll to thread, needles or other tiny items

Instructor's Boxes

Paper Thread Box2.jpg

Member's Boxes

2021_03 JennC1.jpeg
2021_03 JennC1a.jpeg
2021_03 Jenn1b.jpg

Dina Kidd - Granny Squares and 'Introduction to Tunisian Crochet

Granny Patchwork Lap Robe.jpg

Member's Projects

2021_03 Nancy S2.jpg

Granny Square Crochet

2021_03 Pat Keppler2.jpg

Tunisian Crochet

2021_02 LisaKnowler1a.jpeg

Granny Square Crochet


Autumn 2019 

Debbie Fitzsimmons - Beaded Butterflies

This workshop was taught by Debbie Fitzsimmons- the Guild's resident traditional beading expert and, at the time of the class, Guild President. 

This was a very popular class and the results, as below, were stunning.


Lorene Salt - Canvaswork

Lorene Salt - Photo.jpg

Sept 28/29, 2019


Lorene Salt is a Canvas Designer and teacher

Lorene taught 2 designs - one for beginners and one for intermediate students.

Nov (1)
Frozen Reflections - Lorene Salt.jpg
Pre-Autumn 2019

Thread Painting


Schwalm Embroidery


Dragonflies Stumpwork


Drawn Thread

Colouring Book Blackwork

Metis Beading Flowers

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