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Stitch in PUBLIC Events

Our guild hosts a few different styles of "Stitch in Public" events during the year.  The biggest one is Stampede.  We volunteer and demonstrate with two Stampede Committees, in the BMO Western Oasis Art Show and in the Ag Zone Hawkwood Heritage Cabin.


The BMO Western Oasis has an area which showcases the art entered into the Creative Arts and Crafts Competition, which is displayed alongside professional artist booths.  We, along with other local guilds and craft groups, volunteer to show off our skills to the public.


The Hawkwood Heritage Cabin is located in the Acgirculture area of the Stampede grounds; this building is a recreation of a "Summer Kitchen" on a ranch where food could be prepared away from the main house to keep it cooler.  We, along with other guilds and local craft groups, volunteer to show off our work along with dressing the part.  The cabin has bib aprons for volunteers to wear, or members have created their own costumes!


We also welcome any stitcher to our monthly Sit n' Stitch events in various libraries around Calgary.  We may also organize a "Stitch in the Park" event depending on the weather.

Stampede Art Show - July 5th to 14th, 2024

Each year the Calgary Stampede hosts an Western Showcase Art Show that features artists from across Alberta.  Along with the photography, painting and sculpture there is a Creative Arts & Crafts Completion.



The Calgary Stampede Creative Arts and Crafts competition was borne out of the tradition of displaying creative works in a country fair. The display and judging of the arts and crafts engages the community with the Calgary Stampede and supports our western heritage, and has been showcasing the work of local crafters for more than 40 years. This exhibition preserves traditional art forms and advances new and modern forms of creativity including textiles, wood, ceramics, paper and sugar.

Stampede Logo 2023.png

Our Guild volunteers will be demonstrating some of the embroidery techniques we stitch at these locations:

Western Oasis - Gazebo

Monday, July 8th


Hawkwood Heritage Cabin

Saturday, July 13th 


Stampede Challenge - 2024

This year we have challenged our Guild members to participate in the Stampede Arts & Crafts competition and, as a thank-you to Freda Murfin, to stitch and enter one of Freda's canvaswork designs.  Come and view our work during Stampede!


Below are some examples of art that was submitted to Stampede 2023 

Smith, Jane - Stampede 2023.jpg
Bolin, Bernice - Stampede 2023 (2).jpg
Murfin, Freda - Stampede 2023.jpg
Bolin, Bernice  - Stampede 2023.jpg
Eskesen, Betty - Stampede 2023.jpg
Rioux, Sabrina - Stampede 2023.jpg
Stagg, Rhonda - Stampede 2023.jpg
Eskesen, Betty - Stampede 2023 (2).jpg
Longhurst, Pat  - Stampede 2023.jpg
Follett, Avery - Stampede 2023.jpg

More art below ... keep scrolling!


So we forgot to take photos this year at Hawkwood Heritage Cabin!


Every year we celebrate fibre crafts by stitching in public during the Stampede in Calgary.  Join us at the BMO centre and view all the great work submitted to the Western Showcase Art Show.  On the last weekend of Stampede we have volunteers at the Heritage Cabin stitching on the porch and inside.  Learn more about the Summer Kitchen from Stampede Volunteers and see what each of us is working on.

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