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Seminar 2025

Stitching Under the Arch

MST: Mountain Stitching Time

Embroiderers’ Association of Canada
Association canadienne de broderie

Members Exhibition
French Translation

DRAFT Version (need to get Rhonda's input)

The EAC/ACB Members Exhibition is a chance to showcase all the wonderful artwork created by members from across Canada.  There are many categories and awards but this year we are encouraging people to ...

Participate .... Participate ... Participate

Below is the timeline for submission forms

Click on each Category button to find out more information about each award.

Email your completed form to

English version only

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Entry Form Submission Timeline

February 1 2025

  • Intent to Submit Seminar Group Project


Entry form due

April 1 2025

  • The Leonida Leatherdale Award

  • Seminar Theme Award

  • View’s Choice Award

  • Exhibition Only

Entry forms all due with photos

May 4 2025

  • Seminar Group Project


Entry form with photos due

  • Original Design Award

  • Pulled Thread Award


Entry must be received by

April 1 2025

  • Original Design Award

  • Pulled Thread Award


Artwork received by date

May 1 2025

Use the buttons to take you directly to each award or scroll down to view them all

Seminar Group Project
French Translation

This award was developed to acknowledge groups working together on a single project or on individual pieces that form a group presentation. Projects need not be an original design.


The Award is chosen by EAC/ACB members and members of the public attending the Exhibition. Each group will determine one person who will be the contact person for the group during the process.

1. That contact person will fill out “A Seminar Group Project Intent to Submit” notice on behalf of everyone found at the EAC/ACB website.


The notice must be received by the Seminar Committee, by Saturday, February 1, 2025.


The Intent to Submit must state how many pieces are being submitted, dimensions of each piece and how they think it will be displayed.


2. Fast forward three months and the contact person will fill out one (1) Seminar Group Project Participants’ Form listing all the participants’ names, membership numbers, email addresses and phone numbers. The last form to be completed is the Seminar Group Project Display Entry form.


A downloaded photo of the completed display would be very beneficial to the Seminar Committee.


The deadline for these two forms and the photo is Sunday, May 4th, 2025. (May the “force” be with you). Awards and ballot counting are the same as the Seminar Theme Award (see below)

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