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Seminar 2025:

Stitching Under the Arch

May 13-18, 2025
MST: Mountain Stitching Time

Embroiderers’ Association of Canada
Association canadienne de broderie

I think we will add the Bio's directly to this page ... Lisa will have the Bios and we can get them after we get back from Seminar ... Lisa will be able to add most of this information to a folder in Google for you Genny.

What to you think of 

[photo]       Bio paragraph

Links to Teacher's website?

List of the classes they are teaching?

(Genny) I vote against one long page with all the info when dynamic pages will do the same work but save hours of work. The page is currently setup with repeaters, where each image is clickable and open a dynamic page that pulls from the database. Meaning each dynamic page is unique to each teacher and allows for a space for French translation.

Meet the Teachers
Répertoire des professeurs

We have gathered instructors from around the world to teach a diverse range of stitching techniques to guide you on your creative journey.

Nous avons rassemblé des instructeurs du monde entier pour enseigner une gamme variée de techniques de couture afin de vous guider dans votre parcours créatif.

Debbie Fitzsimmons


Hazel Blomkamp

South Africa

Kim Beamish


Wendy Innes


Diane Scott


Julie Garcia


Lorene Salt


Hanny Newton

United Kingdom

Kate Barlow

United Kingdom

Mugdha Dongare


Jeannette Douglas


Kathryn Drummond


Pat Armour


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