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We welcome all people and want to share our passion!

Are you ....
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Crafters who are creative in many techniques?

Our focus is Needle and Thread but we love it all!
Irene - X-stitch Bees
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2022.06 - Nancy  Block 25.  Tribute to Vincent.
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2 Karen to Linda
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2022.05.11 - Lisa K. 1
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2022.05.11 - Valarie O.
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2022.06 - Nancy (1) Blk 11.  xmas ornaments
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2022.05.29 - Huguette Win2 - Sweet Liliana
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2022.05.29 - Huguette Win1 - Songes d'ete
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2022.05.19 Amy Win1 - photo 3
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Back to Classes - 2022

Our Fall Theme is BACK TO CLASSES!

Over the last 2 years we have been connecting via zoom but now that Covid19 restrictions have been lifted in Calgary we are now meeting in person again!

We will be hosting 2 workshops this fall ... one is still in the planning stage.  There will be information below if you would like to join us.

We are also starting to plan 2 big events this fall:


Fibre Potpourri 2023: The Magic of Embroidery

May 12th, 13th & 14th, 2023

Held at Red Deer Polytechnic Collage, Red Deer Alberta. 

If you are wanting to attend, registration will open in February 2023


email questions to: fibre.potpourri@gmail.com

Seminar 2025: Stitching Under the Arch

May 13th-18th, 2025 (MST: Mountain Stitching Time)


To be held at SAIT's Heritage Hall, Calgary AB

Our Theme is meant to evoke the Chinook Arch of clouds that create a backdrop to our spectacular mountains, trees and city views!  But ... it is also in reference to all the cultures and stitching styles that are contained under the ARCH of embroidery!


We are currently getting ready to email our teacher invitations in November 2022.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please email seminar2025@eac-acb.ca


Look for more information on our website over the next couple of years, but if you can't wait for new classes then please attend ...

Seminar 2023 is in Winnipeg, MB (50th Anniversary Event)

Seminar 2024 is in Regina, SK

:30Find out more about our different types of events using the tabs at the top of the page

Zoom Sip n' Stitch: Drop in starting at 7pm

Every Tuesday for the rest of the year!

Open to Members ONLY

Saturday, November 26th

Crowfoot Co-op Program Room

Sit n' Stitch - Afternoon

Starting at 9:30 am (members)

Open to the Public at 1pm - 4pm

Saturday, December 10th

Crowfoot Co-op Program Room

Annual Holiday Mini-Workshops

Open to Members ONLY

Saturday, December 17th

Fish Creek Program Room (1st Floor)

Sit n' Stitch - Afternoon

Starting at 10am (members)

Open to the Public at 1pm-4pm

Saturday, January 14th

Crowfoot Co-op Program Room

Sit n' Stitch - Afternoon

Starting at 9:30am (members)

Open to the Public at 1pm-4pm

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


Thank you for your support during Covid19!

I want to thank everyone who was flexible and understanding during the last 2 years of Covid19.  As of September 2022 we will be back to meeting every month at the Scandinavian Centre.

Doors open at 6pm and we will start the meeting part of the evening at around 7pm.  We will continue to broadcast on zoom for those of our members who are unable to attend due to distance, weather or personal choice.

As Calgary has lifted all indoor restrictions we no longer need to record member's phone numbers for contact tracing and will go back to our regular sign in process.

We are also able to serve food and you are welcome to bring items to share if you would like.  We will also have coffee and tea during the evening.

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