Workshops &
All Day Guilt-free Stitching

NEW Workshop Coordinator Position - 

Welcome Debbie Fitzsimmons and Tanja Berlin

We are looking for ideas and help with setting up next year's workshops, please contact Debbi or Tanja if you have ideas.

Don't know where to buy your supplies?  

Check out this list of nationwide stores provided by EAC

Christmas Workshop - December 9th

Every year our guild does a christmas workshop taught by our members and FREE to attend (for members)

This year we have 4 workshops (sorry all are full).

Here is the link to the Dragon boat ornament that everyone has been asking for

If you missed out this year, remember we do this each year!!!!

Group Correspondence Class

If you are interested in Joining a Group to work on one of the EAC Correspondence Classes, please contact Rhonda Stagg.

She will be talking more about this during  the September meeting.

Work on a new technique with friends and get assistance from each other.  This has be done by other guild in Canada and they have had a lot of fun with it.  Let's give it a go!!!!

Any Ideas?

Do you have an idea for a workshop? ... A teacher you would like us to arrange to teach for our guild? ... Another guild member who you'd like to blackmail ... sorry I mean persuade to teach for us?

We are all excited to learn new techniques so please suggest as many ideas as you can think of!!!

Sit 'N Stitch

All are welcome, even if you are not a member.  Come and get some "me time" to do some stitching, or just catch up with friends.

Upcoming Dates:

November Stitching:

Crowfoot Program Room


Nov 19th 12-4pm

December Stitching:

Christmas Workshop

Dec 9th 9-4pm

Co-op Program Room

Non-members please email using the form on the home page to be added to workshop.

Drop in stitching is welcome

January Stitching:

Crowfoot Program Room


Jan 6th 1-4pm

Fish Creek Library


February Stitching:

Crowfoot Program Room

Saturday Feb 17th


(following Glenbow Tour)

Fish Creek Library


If you would like to volunteer to host one of these dates, please contact Jennifer Care.

Hosting Duties:

- Plan to stay the entire time

- Arrive early to set up tables and hang our banner

- Sign in at Co-op location

- Check room is clean and empty before leaving

- Greet everyone who arrives and share information about the guild with the public.