There are many activities you can do in Canada around learning embroidery, but you can connect your passion for embroidery to international events and get some traveling in too!!

In the past we have organized a guild retreat to Mexico and currently a group of us are considering the Embroidery conference in Australia - Beating Around the Bush!

Beating Around the Bush - Adelaide, South Australia - October 2020

(due to Covid-19, this has been moved to 2022)

Beating around the bush 2020.jpg

Every two years members of our tribe make a pilgrimage to Adelaide, South Australia for the international needlework convention Beating Around the Bush.

To answer the call, hold the dates October 5-12, 2022. 

Catalogues become available September 2021 and registration opens February 2022.

So far, we have a group of about 6 people who are considering going, either for 2 weeks or longer, by themselves or with their family!

To give you an idea of prices, the brochure is below. Note: these are 2020 prices, new prices will be available with new catalogue

Budget for an extra 3 days before and after the event

(you'll need the before days to adjust to the time)

Mexico Retreat - March 2018

Stitching in a Hammock

In 2017 we wanted to do a retreat,  but could not decide on a place in Alberta that wasn't super expensive or had all the amenities we wanted.

Someone mentioned that it might be easier to just go to Mexico to an all-inclusive resort and be done with it. Everybody laughed...

So we got a group together and off we went with our stitching, bathing suits and had a great time!

Too much fun not to do again.