739 20 Ave NW,

Calgary, AB

T2M 1E2

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2nd Wednesday

each month

Room Opens at 6pm

no meetings July/August


How much is it to join?

- $90/year (August-July) includes 4 quarterly EAC magazines and access to Online Classes. CGNFA access to our guild library and online resources.  We also hold workshops that are subsidized for members.

Can I come to a meeting to see if I like it?

- Yes, by all means come as our guest to any meeting.  The meeting includes a section on guild business followed by a small program activity and ends with Show and Tell.  Please feel free to bring an item to show off during Show and Tell.  When you arrive, just let any member you are new and what to learn about us and they will introduce you around.

Also remember our weekend stitching is aways open to the public.

Who is EAC?

- EAC stands for Embroidery Association of Canada.  This is the National Organization that we are a local chapter of.  EAC runs a website and online classes.  Each year they partner with a local chapter to hold a weeklong teaching seminar held in a different city each year.  2019 is in Victoria, B.C.

Executive Committee Roles


I set the vision for the 2 years I am president.  I run the monthly meetings, making sure programs are created and someone is able to set up the room.

I organize the executive meeting 4 times a year and help facilitate all the ideas from our executive member.

I automatically become Past-President for 2 years.


I attend each meeting and take down the minutes recording what we discussed.  I send out the minutes for members to read and approve during the next meeting.


I look after the money!

I make sure that members are reimbursed for any purchases, pay our bills and record our charity donations.

I make sure the books are up to date each month and available for people to review.

I also look after the guild's laptop.


I assist the President running meeting when they are not able to.  I help set up the annual Christmas workshop, recruiting members to teach.  


This is a two year position and I will automatically become President.


I am the liaison between our chapter and the EAC. I make sure new members are recorded and submitted.  I also look after all the yearly renewals and make sure membership dues are paid.

I make sure each new member is welcomed and introduce them to other member when they first join.


I oversee the education grants for both the spring and fall submissions.

I sit back and relax! I also help the president if they have any questions.


I coordinate all the ways we reach out to the public.  I run our website and recruit members to help out on Facebook and Instagram.  I also help set up the weekend stitching times and recruit members to host.

I also look after our advertiser accounts and answer all incoming emails from our website.


I work to develop activities held during our monthly meeting.  I can work as a team to do this!

I make sure each meeting is fun and interesting, past programs have included small crafts, presentations, speakers, historical talks.


I work to organize teaching workshops held outside of meetings.  I have a budget to host a workshop at least once a year with national/international teachers.

We have an annual Holiday Workshop run by members.


I look after the books in our library making sure they are relevant to our library's theme of "How to do..."

I make sure the books are catalogued and added to our online database for people to browse.

I also look after all our archive materials.


I update the guild on what classes are available to members of the EAC and help in getting people signed up.


Our Charity runs for a two year period. I gather ideas and organize people to presents them to the group to vote on.  


I am responsible for donating the money at the end of the 2 year period


I make sure everyone feels included and welcome.  I introduce new members around the room when they join


I enjoy connection with people who are both celebrating and grieving.

I make sure the member know we are thinking of them.


I make sure that information is sent out to the guild in a timely manner.  I share reminders about upcoming events.

Retired or Combined Positions

GUILD YEAR 2017/18

- we retired the Newsletter position as information is now being shared on our website

- we combined the Library and Archives into one position with a minimum of 1 year

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