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Seminar Grant Recipients posted at the bottom of this page



We jumped on the bucking bull that is Seminar and I’m happy to report that we lasted the full 10 seconds. 

I would like to say a thank you to everyone who participated and an especially huge thank you to all who volunteered.

All of the attendees that I spoke to during Seminar had glowing reports of how much they enjoyed class, their appreciation of the volunteers and teachers, and the beautiful flowers that were in bloom on the SAIT campus.

Some of the highlights of my Seminar week were: 

·  Visiting with friends – I love seeing all of my em- broidery friends from across Canada and getting to hear about their works in progress and getting to spend extra time with all of the CGNFA members (past and present) who came out

·  The weather – while yes, it did rain, we didn’t get a foot of snow! I’m so very happy about this – though I feel like I missed the long weekend because of this

Moo – new pictures of her kept popping up in Seminar Central

Moo Facts

- Moo has been to all seven continents

- Moo has been 3000 m under the surface of the earth

- Moo attends a lot of embroidery classes – but isn’t a huge fan of quill art

- Moo loves flowers

- Moo has a drinking problem . . . I’ll be staging an intervention shortly

** originally published in our newsletter, Amanda Baxter

Impressions of Seminar - Freda Murfin

I had never been to an EAC seminar before. I didn’t know what to expect. I had never been on the SAIT campus before. What a beautiful place it is! The trees bloomed just in time to welcome us!

Heritage Hall, where we spent most of our time, is such a wonderful old building.

I arrived good and early on the Tuesday morning, to help with the set-up. It was amazing to watch the Member Show and Seminar Central develop into what they were meant to be.

Seminar Central was a beehive of activity that afternoon as all our stitchers arrived and registered. There was lots of greeting of old friends and catching up with what had been happening since the last seminar.

Meanwhile the four boutique shops were setting out their wares just down the hall. Throughout the week it was a beehive of activity whenever there were no classes in session.

I had never taught classes for the EAC before, so when I went to the teacher’s meeting later that afternoon, I was feeling really nervous, but everyone was so relaxed and welcoming that by the time I had finished teaching my class on Friday I realized I had done all that worrying for nothing!

Wandering through the Member Show was an awesome experience. There were so many stitched pieces on display, in so many different techniques. It was mind boggling. It left me feeling that I had SO MUCH left to learn! 

In one corner there was a display from the EAC Heritage Collection. The 2016 Seminar committee showcased all the stitched pieces that will be taught at next year’s seminar in Mississauga/Toronto. I absolutely have to go to that!

I took a two day class in Punto Antico with Kathryn Drummond. It is similar to Hardanger embroidery, but the technique is different. It is another bit of knowledge to add to my stash. Kathryn is a great teacher and she makes wonderful cookies!

The welcome reception on Tuesday, the luncheon on Wednesday and the banquet on Saturday were all highlights and good fun.

If you ever have the chance to go to a seminar, take it. You will have the time of your life.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make seminar a success. You did an awesome job!

(originally published in our newsletter)

Seminar Grant Recipients

Each Member who qualifies for a grant to assist them is attending an annual Seminar in Canada pays back to the guild by sharing there knowledge and skills.

They will write an article for our newsletter (which will be posted on the website as well) and will host a workshop or present a program during one of our meeting.

2016: Amanda Baxter - Rachel Jansen

2015: Jeanette Greep - Jennifer Care - Barb Stuart - Freda Murfin


January 2016

"What I learned ..." - Jeanette Greep

Jeanette, who is one of our 2015 Seminar Grant Recipients, will be talking about Social Media and how we, as a group, can use it to reach out and connect to stitchers in Calgary.

We have recently had great success with meeting new members using our web page and Facebook.  As some members are unfamiliar with many of the online tools available to stitcher, for ideas and connecting as a community, Jeanette will share some of her knowledge on the subject.

She is also going to share some of her experiences at Seminar 2015 which we held here in Calgary this past year!!


Barb Stuart: 

Christmas Mini Workshop ... Felt Dove with Embroidery

Newsletter Articles: