Foster Projects

unwanted half finished projects looking for a home

Foster your unwanted Project

Do you have a project that you don't want to finish? Are you frustrated with it?  Did you find something new to do? ...


We have 2 options

1: Foster your project

Offer your unwanted project to someone else to work on for a month at a time.

Project still belongs to you.

2: Place your project up for Adoption

Offer your unwanted project to someone else to finish and keep.

Project belongs to the adopted Embroiderer.

Here's how it works ....

Email our Adoption Specialist (Jenn Care - [email protected])

Your name and email address:

Project name and description:


Why you want to offer your piece:

.jpeg Photo of your piece:

.jpeg of the finished piece:

Once your piece is posted people can contact our adoption Specialist to choose a piece ... at that point your name and email address will be given and you will arrange to pass on the piece, either at the next guild meeting or earlier.

At this point you and your foster parent will keep in contact and if they like the piece, they can ask to adopt it!!!

The foster parent will be posted on the website.

If you are not currently a member of our guild all you have to do is join us to participate!!

ADOPTION: Smocked baby dress - Dina Kidd

This peach polyester dress has already been smocked and just needs some extra work to finish the sewing.  It has a silk collar.

All the pieces and about ½ of the dress has been sewn.  There is no pattern and it needs an iron as it's been packed away for years

Adopted by : ________________________________

ADOPTION: Cross Stitch - Kay Jamison

The piece includes all the threads, the pattern and the fabric.

Its just the design that is no longer of interest to Kay.

Adopted by : ____________________________

ADOPTION: Peti Point Flower - Freda Murfin

Freda has a piece that she is interested in having someone finish for her.

Petti Point Flowers is also up for adoption if you want

Adopted by: Sherri Acres in January 2017

ADOPTION: Tapestry Pillow - Lisa Kampel

Elizabeth Bradley "A Posey of Violets" tapestry pillow kit.

Everything is included with this kit. All you need to do is put it on a frame and pick up where I left off. (Just the Lower right corner is finished).

The Posy of Violets design is 16" x 16" on a 20" x 20" canvas. The kit includes a chart card, printed canvas measuring 10 holes per inch, needles, and Elizabeth Bradley Tapestry Wool.

I don't like stitching the large scale of the project. But I love the design.

Free to good home.

Adopted by: Pat Keppler in February 2017

ADOPTION: Half Finished Dragon - Jennifer Care

Half Finished Dragon

Technique: Cross Stitch

A 23x19 cross stitch on Linen.  The pattern is provided but not the threads.

I put this piece away a few years ago as I got frustrated with the stitching not being 'square' on the fabric.  I have decided to restart the piece on even weave fabric and on a high count.

I am putting it up for adoption as there is too much done for me to throw it away!!

Adopted by: Pat Keppler in October 2016