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We have monthly stitching weekends at Fish Creek Library and Crowfoot Co-op.  Our monthly meetings are at the Scandinavian Centre.

Fish Creek Library

11161 Bonaventure Dr S.E. Calgary AB T2J 6S1

Crowfoot Co-op

35 Crowfoot Way NW Calgary, AB, T3G 2L4

Scandinavian Centre

739 20 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 1E2

Events In & Around Calgary

If you know of an event that would be of interest to our members, drop us a line and we'll do our best to post the event on our website.

Guild Members can participate in a guided tour of both exhibits, lunch & an afternoon of Stitching

February 17, 2018 agenda:
9:00 am - Meet at Crowfoot Coop (for carpooling)
9:45 am  - Gather in lobby at the Glenbow Museum
10:15 am - Private Tour of the Black Gold Tapestry with Sandra Sawatzky (1 hr)
11:15 pm - 12:15 pm - Tour Eye of the Needle Exhibit with Caitlin Thompson
12:30 pm - head back to Crowfoot Co-op
1:00 pm - catered lunch in the community room
1:00 pm - 4 pm - stitching time :)

If you are interested please email Lisa K. so she can create a list of who is coming.  There is already a list started from our November meeting.  We will cap the group at 25 people.

The Black Gold Tapestry

October 7, 2017 - May 21, 2018

By Sandra Sawatzky
Organized by Glenbow

Nine-years in the making, Sandra Sawatzky's 220-foot hand-embroidered The Black Gold Tapestry tells the story of how oil has impacted human civilizations around the world, from bitumen bubbling up in the waterways and marshes of Iraq 5,000 years ago to the enormous influence of oil on the global economy today. Examining how oil and natural gas have fueled human ingenuity, progress, warfare, disaster, prosperity and commerce across the globe, The Black Gold Tapestry highlights fascinating vignettes from the past and the present that will surprise and even delight viewers of this truly epic project.


As a guild we are arranging a time in February were we can all go together.  The First Thursday of each month is free admission and we thought that would be a great time to go.  We will be giving more information on carpooling at future meetings.

Eye of the Needle

October 7, 2017 - May 13, 2018

Organized by Glenbow
Curated by Mary-Beth Laviolette

This exhibition explores how the humble needle and thread, the shiny bead and sequin, the porcupine quill and tuft of moose hair have been used in the hands of skilled creators to create objects of incredible beauty. Many of these intricate works of art, craft and fashion are found in Glenbow's historical textile and fashion collection.Others are by Canadian contemporary artists. This juxtaposition provides rich examples of both tradition and innovation in needlework, beading and embroidery.


Guild Retreat to Mexico

So as we haven't done a guild retreat in a while we thought we re-energize it with a BANG!!!

So ... who wants to come to Mexico with us!!  March 10-17, 2018 at the Barcelo Maya Grand Resort.

This is an all inclusive week of stitching in the sun.  Lisa has arranged for us to use a travel agent she knows and trusts.  We will need to book by November 11th to get the great deal of $1,700 aprox. based on double occupancy.

This price is in flux and the sooner you book the cheaper the price.  If you need a roommate, Jenn is keeping a list of everyone who is going so just email her.

But if Mexico is too far for you .....
how about Crowsnest Pass?

York Creek B&B

Rates are $250 per person from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon...

3 nights  sleep

3 meals   Friday

3 meals Saturday

A small breakfast and a big brunch on Sunday

They have room for 12 persons (2 people/beds per room with a private baths).  the link to their site is below if you want more information.

This pricing is for shoulder season dates (October-November, February-March)


I believe that this is an excellent rate - comparable to what we pay from Thursday to Sunday at the Stitch'n'Sylvan retreat.

We can discuss further at the November Executive meeting to see if this would be something worth exploring for a Guild Retreat.

Annual Stitching @ Stampede

Volunteer to stitch at either of these venues and get a free pass to Stampede ... if you volunteer for an entire day you get a second pass to enjoy Stampede as a thank you!!

BMO Centre

Our Signup for this date goes fast so if you are interested please contact Amanda Baxter ASAP!!!

Located in the Western Oasis in the BMO centre among a wonderful collection of western themed art.  We stitch in the indoor cabin situated at the back with all the great arts and crafts. 

Heritage Cabin 

Every year we volunteer at the Heritage Cabin at Stampede.  The Cabin shows visitors what life was like during the pioneer days (late 1800s) in the west ... we demonstrate how traditional crafts are still alive and kicking in the 21st Century!!!

Come by and see us, we'll be waiting to say Howdy and to show off our work!!

- Heritage Cabin 2014

Creative Arts and Crafts competition at the Calgary Stampede

Here are the details on the 2017 competition and how to enter.  During the competition, items are entered, judged and displayed for the entire 10 days of the Stampede.

We are always  amazed by the quality and variety of the entries we receive and are hoping to have even more entries to inspire people this year. Our competition book and entry form are now up on our webpage for viewing and entering.

The website address is as follows:

We look forward to displaying your entries in the 2017 Creative Arts and Crafts competition.
If anyone has any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to answer!

Liz Lim
Vice-Chair Creative Arts and Crafts committee
Calgary Stampede

Sylvan Lake Stitching Retreat

This Casual Retreat is held twice a year in April and October.  It runs from Tuesday afternoon through Sunday Afternoon.  Food is provided from Friday onwards.  It is a short drive from Red Deer in central Alberta.  We will be posting more information closer to the event.

This October 17 to 22nd @ Sunnyside Bible Camp, Sylvan Lake, AB

Seminar 2018 - PEI

Virtual Threads, the online chapter of EAC is hosting Seminar 2018 in PEI.  They have released some great items to fundraise for the event.  I have attached the PDF of the items.

Sunshine Lady: Irene Lacharite

This position was created to bring "Sunshine" to members who were feeling "under the weather" but Irene would like to evolve the position into a celebration of great events in our member's life.

If you know of a member who you would wish to celebrate please contact Irene.  It can be anything from a promotion at work, birth of a child or grandchild or school graduation!!  We want to share the "Sunshine" in our own lives with each other.